Creative Content as a Subscription

Why Does Content Matter?

When you have an important decision to make in life, you might start by seeking out information about the issue at hand. You might also look into alternative solutions to your problem. Maybe you’ll use a list of pros and cons or another type of chart to organize information about a particular solution. 

All of these options have one thing in common: They involve thorough research, most likely conducted online. The same goes for business decision-making. B2B buyers research and review a lot of information to ensure that they make the right choice for their organization. With the economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that buyers are becoming even more conscientious of their purchasing habits — 77% of respondents to a survey of B2B buyers reported spending more time researching products in 2020. 

For B2B buyers, content from vendors is a particularly valuable resource during the research process. According to a recent survey of B2B executives, 37% of respondents ranked content branded directly from vendors as a highly credible resource. Since the vast majority of buyers consume several pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative, it is important to capture a buyer’s attention at this stage.

As you can see, content is vitally important in the buyer’s decision-making journey. To maximize the efficacy of your marketing campaigns, you’ll need a lot of high-quality content to reach the greatest possible number of buyers. 

Subscribing Instead of Hiring

Companies everywhere rely on outsourced labor to perform certain functions. Many companies outsource payroll, accounting, IT, web design, and other necessary tasks. Why should creative content be any different? 

Unless creative content is the core of your business — “core” meaning your specialization, your main purpose, the thing that sets you apart from the competition — there is no reason to do it in-house. Instead, you can subscribe to a third party that can deliver creative content for a lower cost, compared to full-time employees. 

As a marketer, your core is your in-house marketing expertise. Your time and resources will be more effective when allocated toward your competitive marketing strategy.  By leaving creative content production in the hands of a capable partner company, a subscription gives you more time to focus on strategic tasks — like understanding your ecosystem, building relationships with partners, and sifting through the data to gain deeper insights. 

Producing Creative Content as a Subscription

With a monthly subscription-based content creation solution, you can streamline the process of generating content. A subscription provides you with high-quality content to feed your marketing campaigns, including blogs, white papers, maturity models, and more. 

A monthly subscription is 55% to 58% of the cost of full-time writers and designers. With the cost savings — not to mention the savings in terms of the time you would have spent managing these in-house employees — you can focus on optimizing your marketing strategy to increase your company’s growth.

This content is tailor-made for your company’s specific needs and goals. For example, consider the success story of one subscriber to SOMAmetrics’ Creative Content River™, who specialized in billing and inventory management services for hospitals. By providing well-researched content targeting the right audience, the Creative Content River™ successfully supported this company as they launched a new product. Over two years, the share of sales for this product grew to 21% of total sales.

This success story demonstrates the power of creative production as a subscription. To read more about the Creative Content River™ and the process of generating content through a subscription, download this white paper.