Revenue Growth Decision Point: Build or Buy

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into building and maintaining the operational excellence necessary for generating consistent revenue growth. Not only does a company need to produce high quality and compelling content regularly, but it must also continually distribute this content to its targeted audience, track engagement, make necessary adjustments, and pass those that are ready to the next operations team. Building a marketing team is expensive, and therefore a big decision point that management needs to make is to build or buy. 

To Build or Buy?

A common mistake that many companies make is to think that to improve their revenue growth, they can hire one or two people who will take on the various roles shown in the chart to the right. It doesn’t seem to work out that way, no matter how hard the marketing team tries to learn and master these various disciplines.

Position Salary/yr.  
Marketing Head$108,000
Graphic Designer$84,000
Social Media$60,000
Email marketer$60,000
SEO specialist$60,000
Prospecting Head$84,000
Sales Support$45,000

A better alternative is to keep your marketing team lean with just the Head of Marketing, who is responsible for developing your marketing strategy, and a smart, energetic product marketing manager who will work with sales to develop product marketing campaigns and push for revenue growth.

With your internal team controlling your marketing and revenue growth, strategies, and metrics, you can now work with a partner to provide you with both the Marketing Operations and Prospecting Operations deliverables you need for revenue growth.

This approach gives you the following benefits:

Focus. You focus all hiring where it matters the most—on those that are integral to the design and development of your products and services.

Rent-to-own. You let others make the required investments toward achieving the operational excellence that is necessary to deliver the quality and quantity of results that you need for revenue growth.

It is the classic case of paying for what you use, rather than for the infrastructure needed to deliver what you use.

We Can Help You with Revenue Growth

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