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How targeted email and phone campaigns enabled this startup to begin booking 12-15 demos per month within six months and build over $647K in sales pipeline.

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*The name of the company has been keep a secret at their request*

The company was a startup developing anti-bullying video based solution for k-6 graders. The founder has just completed the product development and was at the time selling the software as a download to be purchased by teachers for the classroom.

Key Challenge

The CEO/founder said that what he wanted to do was to sell at the school level in public elementary schools. However, he had never sold any products to public schools and asked SOMAmetrics for advice and assistance.


What We Did

We started by researching bullying in young children—what was known in terms of cause and effect. Our research findings led us to see bullying as one of the most underlying causes of chronic absenteeism—a critical challenge in the public school systems, known to be the leading cause for dropping out of high school.

We found a compelling and clear connection between bullying in early elementary school and chronic absenteeism throughout a child’s school life. The research also clearly indicated that chronic absenteeism was the #1 predictor of dropping out of high school, and the resulting increase in incarceration rates, a lifetime of poverty.

In addition to the huge negative impact on the students, truancy caused k-12 schools to lose funding. In California alone, public k-12 schools lost over $1 billion each year due to truancy.

This led to a very targeted campaign at the District and County level tying absenteeism not only with low-grade performance, but a lifetime of poverty for the students, and loss of funds for schools. We released our research finding in a white paper, an animated video, several blogs, and a series of compelling emails targeting senior District and County Board Members and staff.


The average open rates of the emails were typically over 30%, leading to over 512 downloads of the white paper.  The prospects were looking for a solution to their problem and finding our client’s product as a solution.

More importantly, within 4 months of the campaign launch, we were averaging 3-4 product demos per week to Superintendents and senior School District and County Board level officials, leading to sales pipeline development exceeding $647,000 in just eleven California counties.

Downloads of White Paper
$ 0
in Sales Pipeline
12- 0
Products Demos a Month

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