B2B Email Marketing

A global survey of C-level executives showed that information consumption is a key part of an executive’s morning routine, with email making up 50% of how they receive information.

What is B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing is about reaching senior executives and high-level decision makers with information they need to make effective decisions that are biased towards the products and services of the sending company.
The most effective elements are the subject line, the preview text, and the call to action. Companies that get these elements right can see the effectiveness of their emails easily double.

Why is B2B Email Marketing Critical

The world is getting increasingly more complex, and changes are happening faster than ever before. Executives are paid to make sound decisions that enable their organizations to navigate through all the complexities into a leadership position.

Information gathering continues to be the most important aspect of making the right decisions. Delivering high-quality information in the form of digital content through B2B email continues to be the most effective way to engage decision makers towards a meeting with Sales.

Sellers that know how to use B2B emails as a key component of their digital marketing campaign can increase their lead generation capacity by 60% to 70%. In fact, surveys show that 78% of C-suite executives continue to read emails from marketers.

Why SOMAmetrics?

Over the past ten years, SOMAmetrics has built its digital campaign skills across a variety of media including email, digital ads, and social media. Our success lies in our methodical approach of identifying the key personas, developing the value proposition, providing high value digital assets, and coordinating messaging across personas and media using our integrated campaign calendar.

Case Studies

How a small third-party software vendor became central to the IT strategy of some of the leading Global Financial Service firms.

B2B Sales have changed, forever. Find out what changed, why, and what you must do to continue to win in the era of the Digital Buyer.

Bringing sales practices, metrics & KPIs, and sales training brought immediate increases in sales performance.

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