High ROI HubSpot Implementation

Automate and drive lead creation, acquisition, and nurture to constantly feed your High Growth engine by fully optimizing and extending your HubSpot installation.

What is High ROI HubSpot Implementation

High ROI HubSpot Implementation has the following distinct characteristics that drive High growth:

  1. Mobile optimized landing pages that act as lead magnets acquiring new contacts
  2. Highly effective nurture emails automated to deliver content and nurture contacts into conversation ready sales leads
  3. Intelligent lead scoring that combines the role of the individual, amount of marketing activity, and type of marketing activity to arrive at the optimal prioritization of leads to queue up for SDRs
  4. Automation that orchestrate marketing, prospecting and sales for accelerated lead to sales pipeline cycle
  5. Reports and dashboards that guide improvements in digital assets towards higher effectiveness of marketing expenditures

    These are the minimum characteristics of a High ROI HubSpot Implementation

Why is High ROI HubSpot Implementation Critical

While HubSpot is perhaps dollar-for-dollar the best marketing automation tool, it must be implemented and configured properly in order to realize its true potential.

Improperly designing and configuring HubSpot typically leads to fragmentation of data leading to poor insights.

To enable and support High Growth, HubSpot must be implemented with automation in mind—data should drive the next action automatically, update status, and notify the next team member and prospect what should happen next.

In a highly digital world, customers and prospects expect their product and service providers to stay one step ahead, anticipate, and respond instantaneously to deliver on the next logical step.

HubSpot is a key component of the Digital Company’s tech stack.

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Why SOMAmetrics?

Outside agencies tend to have certain advantages over internal resources when it comes to sales diagnosis.  For one thing, they have conducted dozens of these sales diagnoses and have developed a more robust process for uncovering underlying issues and analyzing them. They tend to have clients that come from a wide range of industries and sizes. Furthermore, outside agencies are more likely to be objective and impartial, assume they know nothing until they ask questions and get some answers.

For instance, with over 25 years of experience building and managing inside and field sales organizations, SOMAmetrics has diagnosed and corrected sales challenges at over 60 companies, ranging from startups to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

The SOMAmetrics Sales Diagnosis can typically be completed within one calendar week. It consists of a series of interviews with your leadership team in sales, marketing, and customer support organizations; a review of your sales pipeline; interviews with sales team members; review of your sales processes, systems, KPI’s; your comp plan; and more.

SOMAmetrics is a certified HubSpot Implementation Partner.

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