Sales & Marketing Operations

SOMAmetrics helps clients realize higher return on their technology investments through better optimization, integration, data hygiene, and ongoing administration of their expensive technology stacks for Sales & Marketing.

Such improvements can lead to 6-9% increase in sales due to improved visibility of opportunities, seamless conversions from leads to opportunities, fewer lost opportunities, and more.

High ROI Salesforce Implementation

Dramatically accelerate your critical business processes and drive High Growth by fully optimizing and extending your Salesforce installation.

High ROI HubSpot Implementation

Accelerate lead creation, acquisition, and nurture to constantly feed your High Growth engine by fully optimizing and extending your HubSpot installation.

Integrate Your Automations

Integrate your sales and marketing automation tools to remove friction and accelerate lead flow, driving High Growth rates end-to-end.

Why It is Critical

Today’s Sales and Marketing Tech Stack is bigger than ever before, with most companies reporting as many as 9 to 13 different software tools used in Sales and Marketing.

However, most of these tools are either not integrated or only partially integrated to the main CRM tool these companies use, creating data silos and unease around the skepticism of the data.

Many in the c-suite are also frustrated by the lack answers to what should be simple questions, such as: 

  1. How long does it take us to convert a lead to a closed deal?
  2. Which marketing campaign produces the best return on our spend?
  3. Of the various things we do, which one has the highest impact on sales?
  4. If we wanted to grow sales by 35% next year, where should we invest? Higher more sales reps? More BDRs? Get more leads? Or should we be getting that growth rate with the resources we already have?

Fragmented systems with poor data quality can lead to lack of clear decisions made with confidence and consensus.

Let us help you improve the return on investment of your tech stack so you can fully see the untapped opportunities for growth and profitability.

Why is SOMAmetrics Different?

SOMAmetrics’ core business is to generate high-quality B2B leads and convert these into Conversation Ready Leads that are well informed, have decision making power, and are ready to talk about with your sales rep.

We specialize in engaging B2B decision makers both in our emails as well as in the digital content we develop. We have developed a fully-tested scientific approach to writing effective B2B emails for busy decision makers who receive hundreds of emails each day, making a 1 second decision whether to open an email or not, and scaning the entire email in under 3 seconds.

Don’t settle for an email written by your junior BDRs, who could misrepresent the first impression that your prospective buyers see.

Work with a seasoned B2B content marketing agency to provide your BDR and Sales teams the engagement tools they need to succeed and exceed their quota.

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