Sales Optimization

Increase your Sales effectiveness by more than 25% in 60 days
SOMAmetrics has developed a proven 5-step process for rapidly improving B2B sales performance:

Sales Diagnostics

Analyze and remove gaps, bottlenecks and friction in your sales operations to dramatically increase your sales velocity.

High Growth Workshop

A two-day workshop designed to help you fully understand what it takes to grow 100% to 150% over three years.

Metrics, KPIs and Sales Optimization

Identify, develop and build the right metrics and Key Performance Indicators that will enable you to achieve high growth.

High Growth Sales Training

Identify and implement the sales training, compensation, and management tools necessary to support new growth targets.

High Growth Sales Management

Learn how to setup and manage a high performance sales organization that delivers High Growth.

Testimonials on the Effectiveness of Our Approach


"Alicia Assefa is the most effective Sales Leader I have ever worked with."

Michael Praeger

"I can’t believe we are at the end of the project.  It went by so quickly.  Alicia is amazing! I thank her so much for all the she did for us at PROS.  She made such a difference and she was so much fun to work with.  We will miss having her here."

Celia Fleischaker
Chief Marketing Officer, Pros Inc.

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