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Scaling A Segmentation Strategy with Content

How a cybersecurity tech company targeted three different verticals with decision enabling content within a six-month period


*The name of the company has been withheld at their request*

The client is a small technology company that sells cybersecurity software to enterprise clients. In a highly competitive space, they came up with a new approach to tackle 90% of the cyber attacks their customers face.

Key Challenges

While the company had compelling technology and was in a high-growth sector, The VP of Sales told us he was having difficulty meeting his sales targets because:

  • The company itself was new and its technology was new, approaching cybersecurity from a new angle. This meant that those in charge of cybersecurity had to be educated on the efficacy of this new approach.
  • While the VP of Sales had hired a firm to set appointments for his sales team, the appointments tended to be either with the wrong type of people (general IT people) or with someone too low in the decision-making process to affect sales.
  • The appointments were set with all kinds and sizes of firms from a wide range of industries making it nearly impossible to prepare a more focused presentation that would be compelling.

What We Did

Based on our discussion, the VP of sales asked us to first help with the identification of a market segment that had a compelling need, and to first develop this segment with a marketing campaign before using his business development firm to set appointments.

Working with the client, we identified three segments that had compelling needs based on the amount of cyber attacks they suffered as well as the financial cost to them because of these cyber attacks. We then prioritized these three based on the client’s familiarity with these segments.

Next, we developed a three-step approach: developing content, digital marketing, and following up with appointment setting calls on those that have been responding to the marketing campaign. We did this with three-month campaigns for each, repeating another cycle once we finished a round per segment.


Because of this highly strategic and focused approach, this small tech company was able to generate highly qualified leads in all three segments–leads that were educated, understood the challenges they were facing and what a viable solution looked like, and wanted to meet with a sales rep for more in depth due diligence. The company continues to ask our help in developing a new segment every six to nine months.

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