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Supporting Multiple Business Units with Targeted Lead Gen Content

How a Tech company with diversified offerings was able to impact Growth with targeted Content Marketing

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*The name of the company has been keep a secret at their request*

The company is an innovative tech-solution and apps provider providing training, technical support, integration, and other related services to global Fortune 1000 companies. It provided these services out of three separately managed business units.

Key Challenge

While the company was growing rapidly, the rate of growth of the various business units was less predictable. Each business unit handled its marketing differently. Emails referencing one business unit ended up being received by prospects for other business units, resulting in a lack of relevance and unnecessarily high unsubscribe rates.

The existing content was outdated, especially during the era of the global pandemic, and therefore wasn’t drawing the right prospects. Furthermore, most of the content had been written by the managers. Even though they knew the subject matter well, what they wrote was mostly about what they wanted the prospects to know rather than what the prospects were struggling with and needed to find solutions for.

A senior executive asked us to come in to analyze the situation and offer some solutions. We spent about a week talking with the three BU managers—together and separately—and then with other key members of the company including the CEO. Our first aim was to understand what problems the company was great at solving and how compelling these were for Enterprise IT organizations.

We also noticed that the CEO was describing the problems that customers faced markedly differently from how the managers saw it. While they saw it at the task level, he saw it at the C-suite and Board level. In other words, he was explaining the impact of the company’s solutions in terms of how they changed the trajectory of IT performance for clients, whereas the managers mostly saw it as “you have this problem and we can fix it”.

This was even more crucial during the Global Pandemic as companies were turning to their IT leadership to quickly enable their people to work from home without losing productivity.

What We Did

It was clear that the messaging and content had to change, both in focus and context. 

  • The key personas for the content were now the CIO, CTO, Head of Customer Success/ Customer Support, and the head of Customer Education/Training.
  • The context had to be more compelling into a “Board Level” initiative:
    • Rapidly transitioning the customer organization’s people to work remotely with all that implied including moving to the cloud on all key systems used and helping IT support and train people on new remote work infrastructure
    • Emphasis on the impact of product velocity on all key growth metrics such as product pipeline, sales, customer experience, and ultimately, company valuation
    • The impact of customer education on custom retention, account growth, referrals, and eventually on overall sales and profitability.
 From here, we defined the new value proposition for these key personas and developed a series of content for each business unit. We also developed the nurture emails that served each piece of content to the targeted recipient.


There were two sets of results that the client realized because of the above changes.

Marketing results: the unsubscribe rates dropped by about 82% as the content and email were more targeted. The click-through rates increased by around 250%, even more significant since we were tracking form fills rather than clicks on links.

More important was the impact on sales conversations. The managers now talked to their prospects differently because of the new, more board-level value props, leading to discussions with higher-level prospects. While the sales reps were talking to fewer people, they were now talking to the right people, leading to shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates.

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Increase in click-through rates

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