Digital Content Creation

High quality digital content is what today’s digitally savvy buyers consume before engaging in a sales process. Companies with little or no digital assets will struggle to remain relevant to buyers.

What is Digital Content

Today, Digital Content is how you acquire, keep, and grow customers. It is how you establish thought leadership so that prospective customers come to regard you as a trusted source of information they need to make a decision to change.

In the era of the digital buyer, this trust is established through white papers, maturity models, solution papers, ebooks, buyers guides, webinars, case studies, videos, infographics, listicles, blogs, and social media postings—lots of it.

Today’s savvy buyers know every trick on how to make themselves invisible to your sale efforts—until they are ready to talk to you. Digital Content is how you win their trust, so they are willing to have a conversation with your sales team.

Why is Digital Content Critical

Your marketing programs can significantly drive sales growth—if they generate a lot of Conversation Ready Leads for sales—which should be the gold standard for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

However, before they are willing to talk to your sales team, prospects need to feel confident your company can help them. They need to see that you understand their industry, their specific challenges and constraints, and that you have fresh ideas that can really help them.

In short, they need decision-enabling content—as many as 17-20 fresh ones each month for your demand gen, lead gen, and nurture campaigns.

And that takes lots of skilled resources to create content such as researchers, writers, editors, and designers. Very likely, your internal resources are maxed out which may delay your campaigns.

But, what if there was a service where you could get all the high quality, decision-enabling content you need, when you need it, at a cost that fits your budget?

Why SOMAmetrics?

SOMAmetrics has assembled a strong team of researchers, writers, and designers who create a wide range of deeply researched digital content including white papers, maturity models, solution papers, ebooks, buyer guides, webinars, case studies, videos, infographics, listicles, blogs, and social media postings that establish our clients as thought leaders in their chosen spaces.

Perhaps your campaigns are on delay because you are waiting for content you need. Perhaps you lack the resources internally to meet all of your campaign needs.

But, what if you could subscribe to a river of quality content on a monthly basis, and could ramp it up, down, or cancel at any time? Wouldn’t this be the most convenient way to feed your incessantly hungry marketing  campaigns?

Find out more about the SOMAmetrics Creative Content River™ where you can get all the quality content you need when you need it to feed all of your demand and lead gen campaigns—for less than half of what it would cost you to do in-house.

Case Studies

A methodical, research based approach to identifying attractive markets and Developing Go-to-market strategies

How a cybersecurity tech company targeted three different verticals with decision enabling content within a six-month period

How a Tech company with diversified offerings was able to impact Growth with targeted Content Marketing

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