Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership

My Question Is...

How do I drive revenue growth? How do I best use my limited budget and resources to consistently meet our revenue targets?

The Strategic Solution Is...

Ensure that our overall sales forecast includes growth in all four quadrants and that our sales strategy takes full advantage of all four quadrants.

The Implementation Path Looks Like...

Determine by how much we can grow sales in each quadrant.

Determine the setup we need to optimally sell in each quadrant including the necessary marketing and sales resources.

Make sure we are targeting the right types of accounts and people within those accounts so we can maximize our win rates.

Make sure we have an effective value prop for these prospects that enables us to catch their attention and increase our win rates in the shortest time possible.

Do my funnel math to work out how many new leads we need to hit our new business sales target based on our average deal size and closing ratios.

Make sure Marketing can deliver those leads and that they have a plan for delivering these leads

Key Challenges Are...

We sell different products at different prices to different kinds of customers. This makes it hard to determine our average deal size.

Various sales reps have different closing ratios, making it hard to determine if they can meet their quotas.

I am not quite sure I have the right metrics and KPIs I need to know how well we are performing and where I need to make changes.

I don’t have all the reports and dashboards I need to manage my sales organization the way I want.

How to Use Us:

We can help you analyze your current sales setup: your systems, processes, metrics and KPIs, reports and dashboards, identify the gaps and hurdles, and quickly fix these.

We can help you refine your target accounts, personas, and funnel math so we can assist in helping your marketing department deliver the number and quality of leads you need to hit your sales targets.

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FAQs We Can Help You Answer

Common issues and challenges we help with:

• Have I set the right sales target?

• Could we do better? If I wanted to increase my target by another 20% where would the new sales come from?

• How can I get more out of my team without necessarily stressing them out? How can I help them be more productive?

• How can I automate a lot of what we are doing so I can accelerate our sales velocity?

• What are they doing now that is taking too much of their time? Is there another way to get this done that is faster and simpler?

• How are they working now? How do they know if they are doing the right things that will enable them to hit and surpass their quotas?

• How can I tell if things are going in the right direction or if they are not?

• How can I get alerts and notifications that will enable me to quickly address issues as they materialize (such as deals at risk, too many discounts given, etc.)?

You can find a more complete checklist for improving your sales performance here.


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