Targeted Digital Campaigns

Targeted digital campaigns enable sellers to reach their intended personas with highly integrated messages through a variety of media that these personas use, significantly increasing buyer readiness.

What is a Targeted Digital Campaign

Targeted digital campaigns are: Persona-specific. Messages are specific to what the recipient does at his or her company. Medium-specific. Messages are optimized by media—email, social media, advertising, etc. Have an integrated underlying theme. Regardless of the persona or the medium of delivery, the underlying theme is the same while the message is optimized for the persona and the medium used. This supports today’s decision making process which includes anywhere from 7 to 13 different personas within an account.

Why is a Targeted Digital Campaign Critical

In an information-saturated, highly competitive market place, it is getting harder to reach intended audiences. Multiple attempts and multiple delivery means are required to get the message across.

At the same time, the decision-making process in even small to mid-sized companies is becoming increasingly decentralized, with a dozen or more people required to informally sign-off before the formal decision maker makes a buying decision.

This requires a carefully integrated messaging across the various personas that must be included in the marketing messaging—the manager of the operation most impacted who needs the solution, the final economic decision maker who must approve the purchase, the various influencers in technology and compliance, and the Purchasing department.

Highly targeted digital content is essential to provide each of these stakeholders the answer she needs to sign off, thereby reducing the sales cycle and increasing the sales wins.

Why SOMAmetrics?

Over the past ten years, SOMAmetrics has built its digital campaign skills across a variety of media including email, digital ads, and social media. Our success lies in our methodical approach of identifying the key personas, developing the value proposition, providing high value digital assets, and coordinating messaging across personas and media using our integrated campaign calendar.

Case Studies


The dramatic impact of a 4-month targeted campaign on new customer acquisition.


How targeted email and phone campaigns enabled this startup to begin booking 12-15 demos per month within six months and build over $647K in sales pipeline.

Targeted Digital Campaigns

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