High Performance Team Lead Coaching

You may have promoted your best SDRs to a team lead position. However, simply because they are great as individual contributors does not guarantee they know how to get their teammates to perform at a high Level. They need management coaching to acquire that additional skill.

What is High Performance Team Lead Coaching

High performance Team Lead Coaching is a methodology that ensures your Team Leads can consistently and effectively continue to grow the SDR/BDR teams with the new tools that have been implemented to drive performance and pipeline growth.

To ensure that the Leader is adequately trained to support their team members, SOMAmetrics will coach the leader for 5 hours per week for a period of 6 weeks. During this period, SOMAmetrics will work closely with your Team Leaders:

  • Check metrics and KPI’s to ensure they are on track
  • Listen to recorded calls to check effectiveness of delivery
  • Review SQL/Appointments to ensure quality
  • Address issues including non-performance and support the Leader by providing “work” that is in alignment with correcting any issues.  This helps the Leader understand how to “course correct”, effectively.
  • Two (2) months after the coaching ends and during 4 1-hour sessions over the course of 1 week, SOMAmetrics will review results to ensure that that the team is on track.

Why is High Performance Team Lead Coaching Critical

The old adage of “practice makes perfect” is not quite true. Practicing the right way, makes perfect. Over the weeks, after training, SDR’s will likely slip back to the habits that they are comfortable with unless they practice the new habits correctly and consistently.

SDR Leaders need to be prepared to provide continuous improvement coaching to team members. They too need to learn how to practice the new habits correctly and consistently, themselves to support their teams.

  • Are they doing the proper review and due diligence on SDR appointments, prior to sending to sales?
  • Is the leader consistently hitting their assigned metrics and KPI’s?
  • Can the leader coach team members to effectively use the new sales processes and sales methodology/training
  • Is sales satisfied with the appointments and is their pipeline growing
  • Does the leader know how to regroup if numbers are off, for any reason
  • Is the leader able to effectively communicate results to Senior Management including the CRO, CMO, etc.?

Protecting your investment in the SDR team is critical to ensure that the team is running on all cylinders and is producing the quality sales pipeline that increase revenue.  The High Performance Team Lead Coaching will support the leader to support their teams, effectively and consistently.

Why SOMAmetrics?

Outside agencies tend to have certain advantages over internal resources when it comes to sales diagnosis.  For one thing, they have conducted dozens of these sales diagnoses and have developed a more robust process for uncovering underlying issues and analyzing them. They tend to have clients that come from a wide range of industries and sizes. Furthermore, outside agencies are more likely to be objective and impartial, assume they know nothing until they ask questions and get some answers.

For instance, with over 25 years of experience building and managing inside and field sales organizations, SOMAmetrics has diagnosed and corrected sales challenges at over 60 companies, ranging from startups to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

The SOMAmetrics Sales Diagnosis can typically be completed within one calendar week. It consists of a series of interviews with your leadership team in sales, marketing, and customer support organizations; a review of your sales pipeline; interviews with sales team members; review of your sales processes, systems, KPI’s; your comp plan; and more.

Case Studies

How a client was able to achieve its goal of becoming a leading provider to the Medical Devices sector through targeted ABM campaigns.

How a global publicly traded company used our services to increase the effectiveness of its BDR team by 67%

How a tech company went after three different markets in nine months using a planned, targeted approach

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